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You can call me Rika
Linda / 23 / Musician/Anime Artist.
"Making the impossible possible".

Don't be scared to talk to me, I'm willing to make new friends all the time!

Current fandoms:
- Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea
- Kill La Kill
- Durarara!!
- Free!
- Gurren Lagann
And more

a drawing for a good friend of mine <3
this is for you ookz c: <3

a drawing for a good friend of mine <3

this is for you ookz c: <3


(( Two finished commissions that I got from J ksdjfhgskfdjg \screaming I’m so happy ahhHHHHH ))



I just saw a drawing of pregnant UZu

I juSt …….

I think I’ll go play FFXIV LOL

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greenpop Asked:
swimming animusssssssss ◉‿◉

My answer:



i played this game and then i was so sad i can’t move

compliments-people Asked:
You're awesome and an amazing person!

My answer:

SKJDFHGKJHG thank you! c: 

even if you’re a bot, this is something that makes me happy to see in my askbox :3

greenpop Asked:
Bird Noises :V

My answer:



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The Great Console Race from Lifeliketextube on Vimeo.


i thought the joke would get old and repetitive one minute in but no the entire fuckin thing is gold

(Source: whitetail-music, via greenpop)

R.I.P Robin Williams 


you will be missed 

So this happened yesterday lmao while playing ffxiv akjdfhghsdgf 

He wouldn’t stop singing that stuff lmao kshfgkjsdhfg

Sorry Leth LOL ksdjhfgsjkdfh

canonescapist Asked:
I only started following you a few months ago, but I remember it was because of how you draw yourself! Your art style and the character that you use to represent yourself is absolutely precious and I hope I can manage to get an art style+personal character as great as yours //scurries away

My answer:

ahhh thank you so much ; v ; ~!

I’m so happy that you like my sona <3
oh man my own character has gone through so many changes in the past years honestly~! but right now I can finally say I feel really comfortable with the design of my own character c: 

The lion features are specially my favorite haha, I love lions waaaayyy too much <3 and some years back, I thgouth that adding the lion features would make it look better and a bit more original I guess. Some years ago my sona used to have wolf features but then i thgouth it was overused and went with my favorite animal, and I’m so happy I did~! It’s so much fun to draw haha c: <3

Thank you so much, I am so glad that you like my art~! <3

warehouseagent-skellia Asked:
hey are you by any chance going to Matsuricon? It's in like 2 weeks in Ohio

My answer:

Sorry, I don’t live in the states ; v ;

I currently live in Mexico. I used to live in FL before, even then I don’t think I would’ve been able to go to matsuricon haha c: 

codeempressive Asked:
I've been following you for like years but I'm too shy to talk to you cause you're just so amazing and I feel unworthy. ;v;

My answer:

omg nooooo I won’t bite you or anything ; o ; 

ksjfhdgjksdfg omg thank you so much you’re so kind //SOBS
AHHHHH don’t be scared to talk to me, I won’t bite you or anything! Even though I’m a lioness 

<3 Feel free to talk to me or ask me stuff anytime, I actually loveee receiving asks but people don’t seem to send many lately ahaha xD