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Linda / 23 / Musician/Anime Artist.
"Making the impossible possible".

Don't be scared to talk to me, I'm willing to make new friends all the time!

Current fandoms:
- Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea
- Kill La Kill
- Durarara!!
- Free!
- Gurren Lagann
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zerobunnystuff Asked:
What do you do in ffxiv? And how much was it? I'm thinking about buying it, but I'm not too sure. ._.

My answer:

Well just like any Final fantasy game, You gotta level up, gear up, pass the main story line, etc. FFXIV is pretty much an MMO, you can play with friends, go on dungeons, craft, run around the world in a chocobo or a different mount, get pets, etc etc. IT’s pretty addicting once you get the hang of it ksjdhgfd 
I’m addicted to FFXIV //SOBS
I already paid for a 6 month sub and I’m only waiting for the membership to update next month so I get the veteran rewards for paying for the membership during ___ amount of time xD

Here’s more info on it and the product 

The price may vary depending on which platform you’re gonna buy it for and in what edition. ( PC, PS3, PS4, Digital download for PS3, Digital download for PC, Standard, Collector’s Edition, etc etc. ), if you buy the game, they’ll give you 1 free trial month of the subscription. After that you only have to pay for the sub monthly. ( on which the price will vary as well depending  on what kind of membership you want, the info is also in that link )

You can pay for your membership through Credit card, Debit Card, Game Time Cards, or in other ways such as Paypal ( on which case, you will buy Crysta, that crysta will get added to your account and pay for your membership once your free trial runs out )

I don’t think I’m the best one giving out info here but if you need help, I’m here xD 

I’m still craving some cake //sobs

I’m still craving some cake //sobs



Kill la Kill ep 25 preview (30 sec) - alt: Dailymotion





Some doodles i did yesterday , as i waited for my homework to be checked 


*tacklehugsssss* <33333333

is there anyone in FFXIV whose first free month is about to end and would like to be Recruited???


[from Drama CD Vol 3 track 4]

Inumuta: Now the T-shirt is on me!
Mako (through Inumuta): Whoa, now I’m being worn by Inumuta-senpai! But it feels kinda rough and weird!
Inumuta: That’s because you’re on top of my Probe Regalia.
Mako: Wow, so three star goku uniforms feels like this! This is fun! What’s this thing here?
Inumuta: Stop it! Stop touching the keyboards!
Tsumugu: Why is he hitting himself?
Mikisugi: No, he’s not alone…that T-shirt is alive!
Mako: Inumuta-senpai’s body is so flexible! You can reach your hand to your back!
Inumuta: Stop playing with my body! However, this truly is an interesting turn of events. Let me analyze the situation.
Mako: Oh no, if you think about difficult things your head will start hurting!
Inumuta: Uuurgh, for some reason my mind is suddenly filled with images of croquettes! Can’t…focus! Mako Mankanshoku, you are truly frightening- aarrrghh!


[from Drama CD Vol 3 track 3]

Sanageyama: Oh shit!
Mako (thru Sanageyama): Ahhhh now I’ve become Sanageyama-senpai!
S: Dammit Mankanshoku! I’m not going to let you take my body just like that! I’m gonna get this shirt off!
M: Uuueeeehh it hurts when you do that!
S: Shuddup! Like I care about a tool of the bugs!
M: Tool? What does that mean?
S: It means you’re a slave!
M: It does?! That’s terrible!
S: I’m the one in a terrible situation here!
Ryuko: Uh, that’s an interesting activity you’re engaged in there Sanageyama. Are you practicing for some talent show?
S: Matoi! When did you get here?!
R: And you’re wearing nothing but a T-shirt! Are you…also…a pervert?
S: No it’s-
M: Ryuuuko-chaaaan
R: Don’t call me Ryuko-chan, it creeps me out when you say that!
S: [starts to say something about his regalia]
M: I missed you, Ryuko-chaaaan!
R: Whoa, why are you hugging me?!
S: I didn’t want to hug you! This T-shirt started to-
M: Ryuko-chan why did you dodge I thought we were friends!
R: No way, gross! And when did we become friends, konnyaku-for-brains!
S: Don’t you dare look down on konnyaku! Konnyaku are-
M: I don’t really get what’s going on but when you make croquettes out of konnyaku they’re really tasty-
S: That’s not what I’m talking about!

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Birthday Gifts that I made for ookz and Leth

\ o / 

hi I’m Linda and I’m addicted to FFXIV 

help meeee

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gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun is a treasure,

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lmao i&#8217;m sorry xelloss

lmao i’m sorry xelloss


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