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30 Day KHR! Challenge - Day 4 Favorite famiglia | Vongola

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Millefiore & Vongola Animal Chibi Comparison :)

dsfgsdfgsdf I see a kitty spade in there

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Vongola 1st. :3

*loves on this generation forever and fangirls over D.Spade as usual*


Vongola 1st. :3

*loves on this generation forever and fangirls over D.Spade as usual*

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I think this is my favorite drawing of the day. xD

I think this is my favorite drawing of the day. xD

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first gen. spam again~

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First gen. in white~ I love white clothes

sdfdskjghsdkjf SPADE AND ALAUDE <33333

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I only got part 1 of this Drama thing with the First Generation.

This may not be translated completely right, but, You get the idea of what’s going on at least.

Alright, so here we go~


Lampo is sleeping and Asari Ugetsu is playing his flute, G is reading something and then turns to Asari.

G: You’re being too noisy, Ugetsu don’t make so much noise… Lampo wake up! *hits him*

Lampo: ACK!

G: You may rest as much as you want later, as for now keep a clear mind and follow any orders that are given to you.

Lampo: *yaaaaaawwnnnn*

Knuckle: Did you hear that Lampo?

Lampo: eh? me? 

Knuckle: It’s time for you to stop being so lazy and get serious

Lampo: …But that is scary, you should thank me for being able to stay that way.

Knuckle: …. What did you say?

Lampo: ah… uhm ….

Ugetsu: Calm down~ don’t make Lampo cry or else he won’t be able to do it.

Lampo: mm! you’re right!

G: You’re too soft.

Alaude: Is that all? I’m leaving then, I need to rest.

D.Spade: I still got work to do.

G: Hold on, wait a moment, Primo still has something that he wants to tell us.

Giotto: …..

G: Primo?

Giotto: hm? oh ….

G: What’s wrong? What’s in your mind?

Giotto: Nothing … I’m alright, guys. I leave it in your hands.

Everyone: alright

G: Alright, you may leave now.

*they start moving*

Knuckle: hmmmmm, It doesn’t matter how you see it, it’s still the same.

Ugetsu: It’s time for lunch~ 

Knuckle: Oh! How about we all go have lunch together????

Giotto: ah …. uhhh, I’m not hungry.

Knuckle: hm? what? you’re not coming with us?

Giotto: hm…. I have things to do, I’ll see you guys later.

G: hey, I’ll go with you, Perhaps us 5 should go with you.

Giotto: no, I’m ok on my own, goodbye guys~

Knuckle: oh, alright, see ya~

D.Spade: mmmmm~ Strange, isn’t it? That he left in such a hurry.

Alaude: what do you mean?

D.Spade: Nothing …. I don’t have anything to say.

Ugetsu: What’s going on? It seems like there’s something wrong going on in here.

Knuckle: Is this the first time it happens?

G: no. 

Knuckle: oh?

G: since 2 days ago he has been going out in the same way.

Knuckle: ah? I wonder why is he doing that?

Lampo: ..? Could it be that Primo has a lover?

G: *hits Lampo*

Lampo: NGH … Jeez, there’s no need for hitting me!

G: Children should learn to stay quiet.

D.Spade: mmmmmm~ … A girlfriend could be right.

G: ah?

D.Spade: It would make sense if we think about that probability

Everyone: !?

Knuckle: certainly we don’t know much about many things, but, there’s a chance

Ugetsu: You’re right, Primo has been really quiet lately, as if he was hiding something somewhere really far away and without a key.

Knuckle: ah! Precisely! and if he wanted to be caught by someone..

D.Spade: Primo would think about what to do about the issue, for example, he wouldn’t let himself be dragged around because of that. 

Alaude: I don’t like this, I didn’t come here to listen to such things.

D.Spade: Nufufufu~ I didn’t mean to say that.

G: tch! I don’t want to listen to that absurd story, and if that is the case, then I must do my research first.

Ugetsu: what do you guys think?

Knuckle: We are not going to earn anything if we just stand still just worrying about it, we should go find Primo.

G: you are right, If we stay here longer something could happen to him.

Alaude: *walks to the door and opens it*

Knuckle: You’re leaving, Alaude? We still have things to discuss.

Alaude: do whatever you want.

Knuckle: Hold on! Our boss could be in danger.

Alude: who’s the boss? … I don’t follow anyone. *leaves*

Lampo: mmmmm, scary…

Knuckle: I really don’t understand him sometimes.

G: Whatever, I’ll go on my own then, we must find Primo. *walks away*

Ugetsu: ah! … and what are we going to do??

Knuckle: Hey! G!

*G leaves the room*

Lampo: he left …. 

D.Spade: My, my, he worries way too much. I’ll go back to do my work then. *leaves*

Lampo: eh? He left us alone also …


I will post the second part once I find it and the translation XD

I only found the translation in spanish, so I thought It would be nice to translate it to english for you guys.